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California Forestry Association Responds to Governor Newsom’s Plan to Curb Catastrophic Wildfires

SACRAMENTO – The California Forestry Association (Calforests) today issued the following statement from its President and CEO, Rich Gordon, following the release of Governor Newsom’s plan to address wildfires in California:

“We applaud Governor Newsom for taking a decidedly proactive approach to addressing our state’s wildfire epidemic. The Governor’s plan is both thoughtful and comprehensive and sets the stage for the critical discussions about wildfire preparedness that will take place at the State Capitol over the next several weeks. Our industry is ready to partner with Governor Newsom and agrees with his assessment that effective forest management is key to any plan moving forward in order to tackle this complex public policy issue that is, as he stated, our top priority.

“As Governor Newsom mentioned, California’s new reality demands that forest management is central to our wildfire preparedness efforts. That starts with reducing hazardous fuels via techniques like ecological thinning, brush removal, and pruning; implementing prescribed fires to clear dense and dry vegetation on the forest floor; restoring ecosystems damaged by past wildfires to enable forests to re-grow and recover to a healthy condition; and the creation of strategic shaded fuel breaks, which are defensible spaces that help to mitigate the spread of wildfires and provide safe fire suppression zones that allow firefighters to combat wildfires.

“Calforests also strongly supports the proposed $200 million annual investment, over the next five years, Governor Newsom has pledged to invest in public safety equipment and infrastructure – including evacuation corridors – and to assist residents with home hardening.”

The California Forestry Association (Calforests) is the statewide trade association that consists of forest owners, forest products producers and forestry professionals committed to sustainable forestry and responsible stewardship of our renewable natural resources through environmentally sound policies and conservation practices. The forest sector is a significant contributor to our state’s environmental and economic well-being. To find out more about Calforests, please visit