Water Quality

Photo used with permission of Soper Wheeler Company


Water is the basic building block for all life on Earth. While 97 percent of the earth’s water supply is held in the oceans, only 3 percent is freshwater. Of the freshwater, only one percent is easily accessible as ground or surface water through lakes, streams, rivers and wetlands. The remaining freshwater is stored in glaciers and icecaps.

We all know that water is important to keep us hydrated and produce food to eat. Few realize that water plays a big role in regulating the temperature of the planet and cycles essential nutrients through the land, air, and all living things. This makes water the most important natural resource on our planet and a primary element of life that requires careful management.

In California, over 75 percent of the waterways run through private forestlands making it imperative that we manage the forest not only as a resource but as part of the ecosystem that impacts the quality and quantity of water in the State. Good forest management practices help to maintain clean water supply by filtering freshwater and reducing soil erosion and sedimentation.