Importance of Green Infrastructure

Photo used with permission of The California Redwood Company


In the past decade over 25 mills have closed and thousands of jobs have been lost due to near elimination of timber harvesting and thinning projects on national forestlands, and the growing cost of regulation of private forestlands. Without this key green infrastructure not only do local economies suffer and disappear, but so does the state’s ability to maintain the health of our forestlands.

California is slowly losing one of its most respected primary manufacturing industries – adding to the loss of many other businesses that have been pushed out of the state. This key sector has the proven ability to provide sustainable family wage jobs. The resulting job loss undermines the competitiveness of California’s forest products industry and the state’s economy as a whole.

Diminishing the ability to actively manage forestlands to be productive and sustainable unnecessarily transfers environmental impacts to less protected forests outside of the state as the need for sustainable wood products grows.