Redding Timber Harvesting Review Pilot Project Report Released

Redding Review Team, Pilot Project Report

The California Resources Agency and CAL EPA released a report last week on the results of the “Redding Timber Harvesting Review Pilot Project.”  This one-year project ran from March 2012 to March 2013 to evaluate procedures in the review of timber harvest documents from the inter-agency Review Team in Redding.  This ultimate goal of the Pilot Project was to decrease harvest document approval times, increase agency involvement in the review process, maintain a high level of environmental protection, and develop a series of recommendations for future improvements to the review process. A total of 66 harvest documents were included in the Pilot Project, including 35 Timber Harvesting Plans (THP) and 24 substantial deviations.  The first review of these documents all occurred within the time frames specified in the Forest Practice Rules.  Forty-four of these harvest documents required Pre-harvest Inspections, and 19 of these could not be scheduled during the specified time frames, primarily because of poor weather, access issues or scheduling conflicts.  Ultimately, 24 THPs were approved during the Pilot Project, with nine requiring additional public review and comment periods.  Other THPs were withdrawn.  The report concluded that overall, the Pilot Project was successful, and the agencies will use information from this report to increase Review Team efficiency in the future.  The report was drafted by the state agencies on the Redding Review Team, including CAL FIRE, Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Calif. Geological Survey, and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board.  To review the report click HERE.

— Ed Struffenegger