Healthy Forests: Building A Green Future

We are all seeing how California’s lack of precipitation is impacting the state. Without a substantial amount of rainfall this spring, the state will continue to be in severe drought that will have devastating consequences. The general consensus from policy makers, scientists and other climate experts is that the changes we are experiencing today may continue creating a warmer drier climate for many years to come. Over time these climate changes can significantly alter the landscape which could prove to be harmful to some of our most precious natural resources and ecosystems.

Fortunately, California is leading the way to find plausible solutions to diminish the worst of the impacts brought on by climate change.  Good forest-management practices can make significant headway to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.  Trees can help mitigate climate change through their unique ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and safely store it in its wood fiber.  In fact, carbon remains in the tree throughout its life, and then through the life of the wood products that go into your home, and as those products are reused and recycled.

California has the highest level of environmental standards when it comes to harvesting wood, and our members not only provide locally sourced wood products, but ensure continued growth of forests in a healthy and sustainable manner. Wood grows naturally using energy from the sun, is renewable, sustainable and recyclable.  Moreover, lumber uses far less energy to be produced than concrete or steel.

Now more than ever, we all need to find ways to help improve our planet’s environment.  And reducing the potential impacts of climate change through green building is one of those ways. As awareness grows about the environmental benefits of choosing lumber over other building products, more people will choose to use wood products for their light carbon footprint, minimal waste and their sustainable renewable nature.  The California Forestry Association will continue to work with local, state and federal agencies to manage their forests to produce carbon benefits and provide locally sourced, sustainably grown wood.

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