Communication Central to Addressing California’s Wildfire Problem

We all know, too well in fact, that California is home to a relentless wildfire epidemic. The increasing severity of these incidents over the last decade and the subsequent losses of property and lives demands that our leaders continue to engage in critical conversations about this matter. To that end, Governor Newsom is certainly leading the way, having just last week released a report, compiled by his team of advisors, that studied wildfires, climate change and the state’s energy future.

However, there are countless other opportunities for connecting on this matter and Calforests is committed to being in the room and at the table for these discussions. One such opportunity took place this week at a fire summit, Vision 20/20: A Fire Resilient California, hosted by the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The fire summit brought together several stakeholders from a variety of sectors to enhance our collective understanding of California’s wildfire problem and it also served as a valuable forum to further connect with our partners in this fight. In many ways, one of the most effective tools we all have at our disposal in the fight against these catastrophic events is communication, which leads to better planning, coordination, and ultimately execution of preparedness efforts.

In the coming months, there will certainly be more events of this nature, and Calforests will be there. As we all know, our industry has the history, knowledge, and skill set to be a part of the solution to minimizing wildfires in California. We intend to make that known.