California Forests and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Webinar Series

From UC Forest Research and Outreach:

CAL FIRE is granting funds from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) for forestry projects that will reduce or avoid GHG emissions. A total of $42 million has been allocated for the following project types:

  • Forest health improvement
  • Reduce wildfire vegetation (fuel) hazards
  • Increase carbon sequestration in conifer forests and implement research projects on Demonstration State Forests
  • Reforest degraded lands
  • Establish and improve urban and community forests
  • Conserve forestland by avoiding conversion to other uses
  • Develop programmatic timberland environmental impact reports
  • Utilize forest biomass

The goal for all projects is to ensure California’s forests continue to be significant carbon storage ”sinks” and to reduce or avoid GHG emissions due to pest damage, wildfires, and loss of forest tree cover from development to non-forest uses. Project applicants must demonstrate reduction of greenhouse gases as a result of implementing the proposed project.

Greenhouse gas reduction and carbon sequestration are new concepts in forestry. As such there are many questions and opportunity for education.

The Northern California Society of American Foresters and the University of California Cooperative Extension, in close collaboration with Cal Fire,will be hosting a webinar series on Forestry and Greenhouse Gas Reduction.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Program overview,
  • State of the science and political discourse,
  • Methods to calculate greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction and carbon sequestration benefits for forest management projects.Experts will discuss GHG estimation procedures for reforestation, fuels reduction projects, and other project types. The webinar will cover data requirements, analytical/modeling options, and monitoring with examples.

Program (Tentative)

April 3 – Greenhouse Gas Program Overview @ 11am – 1pm
Fuel Treatments
April 10 – Forest Legacy @ 11am – 1pm
Pest Control
April 17- Urban Forestry @ 11am – 1pm

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Webinar Flyer (here)

For further information contact Dr. Richard Harris at or (707) 685-5508.