SACRAMENTO – The California Forestry Association (Calforests) today announced its sponsorship of a legislative package that enhances state forest management practices, increases wildfire reduction efforts, and levels the playing field for victims when they seek damages from wildfires.

“California is now home to a year-long wildfire season that demands a proactive approach to forest management, wildfire reduction, and protection of the rights of wildfire victims,” said Rich Gordon, President of Calforests. “The unfortunate reality is that wildfires are no longer a question of if, but rather when and how severe. Our state has been ravaged in recent years and too many lives have been lost. The time is now to make a statement and this legislative package does exactly that.”

Calforests is pleased to serve as a sponsor on the following measures:

  • SB 515 (Sen. Anna Caballero): Expands the fuels and feedstocks for biomass utilization that are eligible under current requirements to include the footprint of wildfires starting in 2012; biomass diverted from specified higher fire-risk zones; and biomass from CPUC designated sources.
  • SB 632 (Sen. Cathleen Galgiani): Exempts – for a defined period – from CEQA, actions that are consistent with the draft Program EIR for the Vegetation Treatment Program issued in November of 2017.
  • AB 1151 (Asm. Tom Daly): Modifies AB 1492 – adopted in 2012 – to clarify that all victims are eligible for the same formula when seeking damages from a fire.
  • AB 1160 (Asm. Brian Dahle): Creates an exemption for shaded fuel breaks, which significantly help to halt the spread of wildfires.

“We look forward to working closely with the authors who are partnering with us on this legislative package,” said Gordon. “In order to effectively address the state’s wildfire crisis, we must act swiftly and with real intent. We simply cannot afford to do otherwise.”

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