About Us

The California Forestry Association (Calforests) is the statewide trade association that consists of forest owners, forest products producers and forestry professionals committed to sustainable forestry and responsible stewardship of our renewable natural resources through environmentally sound policies and conservation practices.  The forest sector is a significant contributor to our state’s environmental and economic well-being.

Healthy forests provide the state with clean water and air, thriving wildlife habitats and sustainable locally grown wood products. Maintaining the forests is an economic driver in many areas and is the best way to safeguard communities from catastrophic wildfire. We are dedicated to working with our members and the industry to continue our commitment in promoting high environmental standards and thriving forest practices in the wood products sector. Calforests is proud to serve as a central voice for California’s forest-resource companies and communities.

Photo used with permission of The California Redwood Company

Calforest Staff

Rich Gordon


Steve Brink

Vice President Public Resources

George Gentry

Vice President Regulatory Affairs

Kirstin Kolpitcke

Vice President Legislative Affairs

Beatrice Menchaca


Lindsey Parsons

Administrative Assistant