AB 429: Calforests sponsors bill to promote sustainably grown wood products


The legislative session is well underway. This year Calforests is sponsoring AB 429 with one of our Legislators of the Year, Assemblymember Dahle. AB 429 seeks to require state agencies to purchase wood and wood products harvested under the Z’Berg-Nejedly Forest Practice Act given that price, fitness and quality are equal.
The bill, recognizing the environmental, recreational and economic contribution forests provide to our state, would replace the general practice for state agencies to comply with competitive bidding procedures and require any state agency that contracts, or acquires, lumber or other solid wood products to give preference to wood products that is harvested under our state’s rigorous forest practice rules to ensure lumber is sustainably grown and harvested.

Currently, 70 – 75 percent of lumber consumed in California is imported in order to meet California’s demand. As the state’s population continues to grow, the demand for wood products will only increase. Unfortunately, in-state lumber companies lose out on opportunities due to its out-of-state and international competitors. By passing AB 429 and signing it into law, California will be able improve their competitive edge in the wood products market while sustainably managing the forests that provide essential jobs to rural communities throughout the state.
Calforests stands behind AB 429. The bill is not only good for our forests, but also for our economy and communities. Read the full bill here.